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Temple Physical Therapy of Connecticut offers patients specialized care in manual therapy, orthotics, sports rehabilitation, fitness and wellness and work hardening and work conditioning

Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine in Connecticut

Temple Physical Therapy offers comprehensive Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in Connecticut. With locations in New Haven, CT and Cheshire, CT we are committed to serving our community and surrounding businesses as Connecticut's largest Work Hardening Program.

Providing the Highest Quality of Care in Injury Therapy & Surgery Rehabilitation

Temple Physical Therapy of Connecticut is dedicated in providing each individual with the highest quality of care when it comes to their injury therapy and/or surgery rehabilitation. With our vast variety of resources, Temple Physical Therapy is aimed at returning you to a pain free and active lifestyle in a most timely manner.

Management, Treatment and Prevention of Orthopedic and Sports- Related Injuries

The vision of Temple Physical Therapy is to provide an innovative and scientific approach to the management, treatment and prevention of orthopedic and sports- related injuries. We believe in utilizing a customized approach of the latest physical therapy and sports medicine treatments with each patient. We are committed to treating each person as an individual rather than simply treating their injury. Our injury therapy and surgical rehabilitation teams in each of our Connecticut locations develop a customized plan of care which promotes the ability to move, reduces pain, restores function, and prevents disability. We pride ourselves in having 3 Connecticut locations with large open spaces, state-of-the-art equipment and a professional staff in order to provide the best atmosphere for our patients.

With three convenient locations in New Haven, CT, Cheshire, CT, there is always professional resources nearby for your physcial therapy or sports medicine needs. Each member of our staff participates in continuing education ensuring we are using the most current research to provide the highest possible level of evidence based care to our patients. Temple Physical Therapy also takes pride in being actively involved in our Connecticut community by supporting a number of different community organizations in New Haven County throughout the year.